Am the one doing something wrong in our relationship or is it her?

I have been dating my girlfriend for 2 years now. The past 4 months she has been complaining i don't take her out anymore, i don't spend time with her, etc... I keep telling her i'am busy and that we can always hangout after or on other days but now she tells me that i don't treat her like i used too. In the past 4 months i took her out 2 times. I think this is ok based on how busy i'am. I keep telling her that us talking on the phone is enough but she wants more than that. We have study sessions together but she is distracting to me lol. In all honesty and am i not (in my gf's words) "showing me love anymore", or is what i'm doing ok?



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  • Well in relationships there is no right or wrong. Your girlfriend is telling you that her relationship needs are not being met. She doesn't feel like a priority to you right now.

    • Right now i'am busy so I don't know if this sounds bad but she is not a priority to em right now. After exams, yeah sure i can spend time with her everyday or other day if she wants too.

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    • I talked to her lats night and we got things figured all out now. I said sorry for ignoring her and stuff like that so now we're both on the same page.

    • Great :) Im happy for you

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  • Tbh only having a date every two months is kinda slack, especially when you're not living together.
    Nobody is so engrossed in work that they can't take an hour or two out every few weeks to take time for their aignificant other.