Am I wasting time?

The guy I've been seeing for 2 months , last Saturday he wanted a weekend to himself which is normal but when I asked him if he would like to come and stay at my home tomorrow night he avoids the question :/ he's being funny lately about distance like for example he asked to meet me Wednesday night but because he had no car that night he wanted me to drive to his abd pick him up etc we can't go to his house because he lives with his mum , and he went off on one saying its 50/50 !! Last weekend when I asked if he wanted to stay at mine he basically said no !! I felt upset , not about him not coming over but the way he told me :( I'm a nice person maybe too nice ! I'm confused I asked him this morning if he would like to stay at mine this weekend and he avoided the question and just said morning how are you... I have messaged him saying can he be straight up and tell me if he has lost interest or doesn't want to see me anymore so I know where I stand. He hasn't replied yet I feel I'm being left dangling what should I say or do?

When we talk on the phone he yells and talks over me , then when I say if he thinks this is going no where he will say do what you want !!


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  • if he doesn't reply to you and it bothers you a lot then be strong and say to his face that you've been not straight with me so we are done and i dont wanna see you or keep any kind of contact with you, but before doing this you should keep in mind that it could be possible that he never leaves his house and stay at your place because of his mom, i think his mom needs caring and support thats why he never leave her alone.

    • He has been to my house a few weekends and his brother lives with him and his mum to , he works so he's not always there

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    • He called me and I tried to explain how I felt about things and he started yelling down the phone to me talking over me and he said I'm gone !! I texted him saying he is rude and aggressive and I'm glad to get rid of him he replied whatever good bye good luck... He then changed his profile picture and updated his status to available. com... I'm so happy I've dumped him and how arrogant was his status lol

    • thats awesome, im soo happy for you that you dumped that asshole, and dont worry about being single im sure a nice guy will love you and take care of you, just keep smiling

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  • I wouldn't bother if I were in your position.