I used to hate him, now I think we like each other? Ever had this happen to you?

I go to school. with a guy I have known since fifth grade and for the longest I thought he was immature and annoying. But we still go to the same community college and we do a lot of group projects together and we sit together in almost all our classes. I think I started to like when I saw how mature he is and how he is with his little brother.


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  • Of course. That's how it usually happens to me. I don't know why.
    Have you attempted to talk to him more?

    • We talk a lot in sociology class because of group projects and we get paired up by whoever we are sitting next to but outside of group projects and class we don't really talk.

    • Do you have his phone number/facebook? Maybe you can try reaching him there as well.

    • Yeah we have been friends on Facebook for a while

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