I really really like him, and I'm attracted to him... But I feel nothing when I kiss him?

We've gone out three times. Ended up spending several hours together each time. Kissed at the end of the second date, after cuddling on the couch and watching Netflix. The cuddling was great. I felt a zing whenever his fingers brushed my leg, or his hand rubbed my shoulder, and I just wanted nothing more than to cuddle in close.
However, when we kissed before I left... I didn't feel anything. It was just sort of sloppy, and slightly awkward. Not bad, but nothing of note, either. Chalked it up to it being late, us being tired (and probably nervous), and just the fact that it was the first kiss.
Second time on the third date was in my car. Still nothing. Just me going through the motions. Third time when I left that evening, he kept going for more and pulling me back, and again, I just didn't feel any spark.
I've never had a boyfriend. Dated a bit, but I've never really liked any of the guys. Kissed a couple of them. Those kisses weren't anything special either. I recently discovered demisexuality, and it seems like it might apply to me, but I have no real experience to draw on. A lot of failures. And I don't know anyone else like me in these situations.
Input? Anyone? Is this completely abnormal? I feel quite broken, to be honest.


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  • Is he a ginger? Maybe you kissed someone who lacked a soul?

    • Ha, no, very brunette

  • I think he is bad kisser. next time you guide him in the kiss


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