Should I stop talking to this girl that has low interest in me?

I'm talking to this girl that has been giving me less attention than when she did before. She's shy, but idont think thats an excuse for her to be contacting me less. Even when i'm around her she acts like i dont even exist. At first she would look happy to see me, but now she doesn't even acknowledge me unless i say hi to her. When i'm with her group of friends she talks to all of them EXCEPT ME. We also used to text a lot, but now i hardlly get a conversation with her thats two-three responses. I like this girl, but i'm starting to think she has no interest in me anymore and I should just stop talking ot her and move on.


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  • You probably missed your window of opportunity with her. You took too long to make a move and now she has lost interest.

    • I've only known her for about 2 months. I dont get to see her that often either because we're both busy.

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  • look I am girl and I will go out with


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  • What are you looking for with this girl? Is it a relationship, sex, casual dating, talking... or what?

    • I want a relationship with her.

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    • Well honestly me and her are very busy so going on a date would've been hard, but yeah maybe she is dissapointed in me for not asking her out.

    • Or she met a guy who is more compatible than you.