Is it time to move on?

I've had a crush on one of my best friends for a few months now. Recently my friends have been trying to set us up and im pretty sure he knows i like him. But my friend asked him if he liked me and he said he was confused and doesn't know.

he's shy too so even if he does decide he likes me it will be a long time before he makes a move. Im too scared to make a move and i want him to be sure and not just feel pressured.

But i dont know if i should hold on to hope or just move on. he's my first real crush and we have so much in common. Any advice?


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  • I was in a similar situation to yours almost 2 months ago. Except this friend was one of my best friends and we've been friends since the 2nd grade but gradually grew apart after attending different high schools. Anyway we're both in our last year of high school and earlier this year I developed a huge crush on him. Like you, this guy was my first real crush.
    I didn't want to keep wondering if he likes me the same way I liked him so I straight up asked him out and told him how I felt. He rejected my date because he actually just started dating a girl he liked for a while. He apologized afterward and the two of us decided to remain friends.
    My point is, if you like this boy so much you should tell him! Don't be afraid of rejection! Trust me. You will feel much better either right after asking him out or in the long run. You said he's shy so maybe if he hears the words from you he will admit that he feels the same. However if it does turn out he doesn't feel the same then that's fine too! If he's a good friend then he won't let this ruin the relationship you two had before any romantic feelings developed.
    My advice is that you ask him to hang out (just the two of you) first and then see where it goes from there. GOOD LUCK!

  • Here's my advice. Go up to him, and verbally ask him if he has ever had feelings for you throughout your friendship.
    He'll probably say yes, than tell him how you feel. If he asks you out great if he doesn't he's a pussy and you should move on. That's what I'd do