Been single for over three years, every girl I've tried to pursue, have all had boyfriends. What am I doing wrong or is it just bad luck?

Have met many girls during my time of being single for all this time, and the ones I did try to become friendly with, online and off have boyfriends! Even friends of friends! This is about a dozen girls and just never seem to find any I'm attracted to who aren't in a relationship.. Feel like giving up. There must be something that I'M doing wrong.


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  • Yea you can't tell when you're in the friend zone, so you still pursue them. Don't lose hope, also if you have low self esteem issues you're going to attract the wrong people. Stay positive, have confidence. But maybe straight tell them you like them and are interested In something serious.

    • Thats true possibly but when these girls do in fact have boyfriends how can I help NOT being friendzoned?

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    • Yea they say ugly women got the best vagina and stuff because they don't get a lot of guys trying to talk to them.

    • Thanks for MHO😬

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  • I gave up a while ago about 3 years ago, I can't recommend it really.

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