Why aren't attractive girls interested in dating me at this time?

Little background info: I'm 22 turning 23 soon. I'm in medical school (have a bachelors degree) and I'll be a doctor in a couple years, been a very successful athlete both nationally and internationally (ongoing), have a bodybuilder type physique (I'm also 5'8-5'9) that stands out and I'm definitely well rounded overall. I live alone, have a car, have a couple passive income sources and so on...

I've had 2 long term relationships. One was a high school sweetheart and second was an attractive girl with borderline psych issues (found out later). Besides that I've had a lot of hook ups, largely with average girls from online dating and some attractive ones.

My problem is that I simply cannot get any sort of interest from attractive girls for anything that would lead to dating. Had lots of first dates this past year with no second dates. So when rejected in a subtle way (online or 1st date) my conclusion has always been that she didn't like my face.
Hard to describe what I look like, but a bit of a greek/italian type look. Been called handsome/cute a lot though I always assumed that was the halo effect of my body + having a nice smile. Don't have the greatest jawline and pretty average eyes which I tend to think is my critical downfall.

So going back to the dates, I usually do a movie date + getting a drink etc. I'm a fairly social guy and tend to click with the girl on these dates.

So I haven't been open about all the details with female friends but they always make comments like "who wouldn't want to date you" , "you're perfect" , "body and brains" and so on. This just creates further frustration because if that's the female perception of me then why so little success with actual dating? My only conclusion is that attractive girls who have endless options seek out the guys who have the best facial aesthetics and care little for anything else (besides personality). Any thoughts? Ideas? Thanks!

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Please keep in mind I was trying to summarize my background in this post. I never rant about myself to girls and try to only say things when they ask me about a certain thing.
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Excuse I've gotten 3 times now: "just got out of a relationship, not ready to be involved with anyone else."

Gotten a couple variations of that excuse as well.
Why aren't attractive girls interested in dating me at this time?
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