What is difference between a girl liking a guy and loving a guy? Guys and girls help?

When a girl says "i like you"
when a girl says "i love you"...
My friends say... I love u - when a girl completely trusts u, feels comfortable with u, she knows u will never hurt her ever, she is totally ready to submit infront of u... she is in love (extremely high level of attraction)
I like you - when a girl kinda likes u but she doesn't know u or trusts u... she is not ready to submit infront of you, its like the guy is on probation for her..(average/low level of attraction)
Guys and girls please comment.


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  • Oh, yeah, sure...
    You just described yourself as "a player type of guy", what, 2 days ago?

    And now you want our help?


    I see ya, kid. Wif ma ahhhhs.

  • I agree with your friends.

    When I tell someone I like them, I like the person they are, I think we have some common interest and they are cool to be around.. its more on the friendly side tho.

    When I tell someone I love them, I am willing to surrender all. I trust them completely, I want to be with them for the rest of my life. Its a much deeper connection and feeling.

  • I like you- I am super attracted to you and I want to get to know you more. I want you to like me back.
    I love you- I am so comfortable around you, I can't stop thinking about you, and I'm in love with you.

    Answer mine?


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