Ever had a second chance in love?

Hi everyone.
Simple question: Ever had a second chance in love? Not talking about an ex boyfriend or girlfriend. Let's just say you were in love with someone but that someone was already in a relationship, in love with someone else or rejected you. So you moved on and lived your life.

Did any of you ever experienced meeting him/her again at some point in your life (after a few months or years) and got a second chance in love? For me, it never happened. So I'm curious.


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  • My current boyfriend was someone I rejected several years ago. We've been together almost 2 years now.

    • Nice. Did you stay in contact after you rejected him or did/you had no contact at all? And for how long?

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    • I dated another guy briefly during the no contact, but nothing serious. Mostly I was single.

    • Briefly? Like 2-3 months? Or even shorter?

  • I guess it couldve happened but by then I have moved on to other interests.


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