Should a chaste girl go against her moral and have sex with her boyfriend who wants to check their compatibility?

I think it is easy to guess from my variants which one is my opinion lol

  • No because if he doesn't like her in bedhe will leave her that is why it is called "test drive"
  • Yes because... (your explanation lol)
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  • if you want to have sex, have sex. If you don't, don't have sex. I'm guessing that's ultimately what he's trying to test here, your priorities: are your morals more important to you, or your sex drive?

    If you have sex with him but don't really want to do it, he's going to notice you aren't doing it "for you" and be disappointed.

    • If I am not comfortable with it sex with me qill be aweful. It is as bad as rape

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    • I didn't mean that your parents don't let you. I meant that 'society' doesn't let you - your friends might think less of you, your enemies might call you a slut, your employment prospects might not take you seriously... that sort of thing. This is the sort of reasoning a guy might assume is going on inside a girl's head. That doesn't mean that's actually what you are thinking, I'm just trying to explain why a guy might continue to believe you are interested in sex, even if you clearly state that you aren't.

    • No if I had sex wih my boyfriend no one would call me a slut, not to mention thatI could hide my sex life

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  • If you're not comfortable with it, don't do it.

    I personally think it's important to test drive your partner for sexual compatibility, but I am not from a culture that only values women for their virginities.

    • Only for virginity? No but virginity is a plus for me.

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    • Also most couples don't have sex on their wedding night because they're usually too exhausted from the wedding.

    • It is not special because they havehad before for many times. And sex on wedding night isnot special in that case

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