Why does my girlfriend put a Pretty Little Liars above me?

Ok, so about 2 months ago my girlfriend of 7 months broke up with me saying that there was no more connection and there never would be one again. I was devastated to say the least. About 2 weeks after that she invites. me to the bar so she can achieve closer. I show up and we have a beer, she's quiet as could be and I'm attempting to not make it awkward so I'm friendly. We get into this conversation of answering eachother questions and I feel better. She admits to still loving me and I of course do the same, cause I still do. She leaves but I stay. The next day she texts me and tells me that she wants me to come to her house to talk about something, I hesitantly show. She asks me if i wanted to get back together, and that she broke up with me because she wanted me to focus on my personal and financial problems because she thinks I wasn't paying enough attention to them. My trust for her at this point is gone in the relationship department for obvious reasons. But I tell her I would love to. It was awkward at first, but I do love her. After a couple weeks go by, we were great, she paying attention to me, we were going out enjoying our selves, but she made clear we weren't supposed to let anyone know at work we were together again. And that when her semester at college was done we could be open about it. There is so much level of secrecy going on that I find it difficult to believe her about anything. I never know what she's doing. Where she is. Sometimes she won't text me me hours but gets upset when I don't text her while I'm at work. She doesn't like lovey dovey things anymore and now I find myself sitting in my room after a conversation with her hurting. She had been at the library doing schoolwork and she told me she just got home. I ask if she's done and she says "At the moment", so I try to call her. She doesn't pick up but texting back "im watching PLL"... I'm just wanted to tell her I love her before work. Opinions, thoughts, the truth, I wanna hear it all?


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  • Smells fishy. The secrets are not good. Maybe she's hanging on because she's lonely? You could set up some boundaries and explain how you feel. If she gets it and understands but argues every point maybe it's time to move on?


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  • Okay, so what you're saying is that the trust is gone and the relationship isn't working out. The Pretty Little Liars thing is fine, people need their time. It doesn't sound like you're gonna get what you want out of this relationship. Maybe you should consider letting go.


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  • I don t like this.
    I am a cold person but that s really different when I do like the guy. I get needy so I understand you.
    question for you is, why do you wanna stay with someone you don t trust much anymore, who keeps you at a distance physically and emotionally and finally plays around with your feelings.
    I dunno, it sounds pretty frustrating and depressing.

    • You see we don't talk, she's never had a good example of a relationship in her life so I don't see her being into a relationship at all. But things hit me late (I'm abit slow lol) so it took a lot of thinking to figure that out. Not to throw anything too personal out there: she had family that all they every did was bicker, argue and hate eachother, yet still stick around. So it turns out she has that same wall, that inability to realize that I'm not always gonna argue. Hell, we talked it out last night and I think she realizing it. She actually, for the first time, went out of her way to make time for me! Busy college student, 2 jobs, and this big needy guy are hard to juggle and she did it cause she inadvertently... well she saw what I've been posting lol it home, she even cried while hugging me! SHE DOESN'T CRY!!! Even though I was sad to see it, I took it as progress and progress is what I've obviously been waiting for for a long time with my beloved.

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    • And honestly that's not the first time I've been told that, I have too much patience for my own good lol but honestly, no one wants to be in a relationship thinking there would ever be an end to it. After my failed marriage, I took all the "therapy" I could, I felt I could handle any situation I was given and you know what, I met this woman and stumbled onto someone who's nothing I ever expected lol I'm not a firm believer in astrology signs but you look up an Aquarius woman with a Cancer man and you tell me the odds are heavily against me lol but I saw a light in her a few times enough to see the genuineness. I can say I don't trust anyone very well, you'd have to know myself and my Callirose fully in order to get the whole picture. Most of the time I don't defend her, as you see, I'm on here venting but trying not to disrupt her livelihood. It's weird cause most of the time I'm get my answers listening to others even though I never trust them lol

    • lol I am aquarius haha.
      married before? 22 is your real age? o. O
      by the way excuse my English mistakes in the replies :p
      I just noticed them haha XD

  • You think she's lying about her feelings toward you?

    • That's just it, when she tells me her feelings by text, they are much different from her action or words in person. She broke up with me, had me in a spiraling depression and then tells me it was a lie to get me to think straight when it wasn't an issue? She lost all trust when she lied to me alone, but now when I try my hardest to believe her she doesn't try to make it any better, but gives me more secrets instead.

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    • Anytime. Maybe she's just not cut out for a relationship rn. And yeah i have to admit.. thats kind of a b*tch move on her part..

    • Well she just wanted me to stick around lol she's been picking up on things and I guess she fears losing me cause of her busy lifestyle. I understand she's got a lot on her plate, but I know in the end we could make this last. After all I'm gonna stick with her when she's at her lowest cause after college we'll both be sitting pretty. That and I don't she's leave a guy who lost literally everything in a matter of weeks to his jobs upper management lol

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