Should I just ask him if he wants to hang out in the first place?

ok so me and this guy both really like each other and I want to ask him out tomorrow. I always thought that you just asked them to hang out and told them what you wanted to do, but my friend just told me that you just ask them to be your boyfriend then you wait a day after asking them and then you ask them to do something. She told me that asking them to hang out and do something right away is too rushed and that guys don't like it. So what should I do? Should I ask him to be my boyfriend one day and then ask him to do something the next day or should I just ask him if he wants to hang out in the first place?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Being a guy, I think you should hang out with him for a little while first and see where it goes from there. Honostly, I wouldn't want someone to ask me to be their boyfriend before I get to know them pretty good. Of course, if you are already friends with the guy just ask him if he wants to be more than just friends.


What Girls Said 1

  • Date/hang out whatever. Relationships (especially as young as you sound) are not meant to be rushed into. Your friend has no idea what she is talking about. Ask him to hang out and do this enough times and grow a little more mentally before you even consider being in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, after hanging with him you may discover that he isn't what you thought he was, and then you haven't wasted time with a spontaneous boyfriend.

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