What's your most awkward experience with misleading pictures on dating sites?

One of the most common problems on dating sites is people using misleading pictures and information. Now looks aren't everything but they still matter to an extent. What was your most awkward experience with the date using misleading pictures?

Mine was when I had this girl from England who said she was 5 ft, and then when I met her, she brought her friend with, without telling me, and then the date ended up being 4 ft 5. Since I'm 6 ft 2, it was kinda awkward as I had to bend over to hug her. She had a good personality but we had a 2nd date and when we went up to the bar, she was struggling to get up on the high chairs. She had to jump up a few times just to get up on the chair.


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  • His profile said he was 5'10, but he was an inch or two shorter than me (I'm 5'6). I think he used old pictures because he looked different/older in person. On top of that, there was something really off about him, mentally speaking. I sure know how to pick 'em, haha. I am much more careful/selective about who I meet now.

    Posting misleading pictures helps no one - it's bound to end in disappointment.

    • What was off about him?

      And yes it doesn't help anyone, especially the person using the misleading pictures. What's really funny is when people use misleading pictures and act like the other party is shallow

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    • I mean it's one thing if a person is shy at first and opens up more when you get to know them but if they're constantly like that then it's painfully annoying.

    • Oh for sure. I can definitely see how that's annoying. I'm honestly pretty shy/quiet myself, but I usually open up more as the night goes on and I feel more comfortable.

      Try to make the girl laugh and ask open ended questions. For a second date with someone who's shy, suggest doing something fun (bowling, ice skating, cupcake shop, museum, zoo, etc) to share an experience together and give you guys more to talk about.

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  • Well, I usually meet people in real life so I don't use any sites.
    But I've heard of stories where women that appear beautiful online (they know the right angle to make themselves appear thinner than they are, the right lighting, the right facial expression etc.) and then when you meet them in person they're unattractive women (who just took flattering photos).
    This is why i don't know why so much people place so much high importance off of good photos online.
    Most of the people don't even look that way in real life.
    They deceive you in their photos, so they can appear more attractive than actuality.


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  • Which state? Which site? *puts on mod hat*

    First date using an online service. She was a lot heavier. Used old photos.

  • lol the high chair...