Asking a girl out?

Ok so there's this girl I like, but I only see her like once every 2 months. I don't even have her phone number either, so should I just like message her through Facebook and ask her out? And also how do you go about it... Just straight up ask if they wanna go on a date or like beat around the bush a little "maybe hang out sometime" as an example Personal experiences of how you've asked someone out before too would probably be helpful.


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  • Take it slower.
    Friend request her.
    Have a few convos with her (to feel her out), ask them general info about her (like if she's single etc.),
    then ask for her number.
    What you're doing is allowing her to feel comfortable.
    Through text or phone convo ask if she'd like to go out with you sometime.


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  • What a pain in the ass!

    Men are treated like shit in western society, and there is NO EQUALITY. Fuck dating and fuck relationships... it's much better to be single than with a modern woman

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    • Sounds like you just had a bad experience. This girl is really cool and down to earth and I don't know how this opinion is relevant to the post though...

    • Women have always been nothing but a bad experience... That's why they were always hated... You need to take off your feminist glasses and see whether you are an absolute EQUAL in the relationship or are you OK with being discriminated against in small ways?

      Men almost always get the shorter end of the stick and have to accept their 2nd class status, simply because they are males. You can see many instances of women hitting men while the men are laughing guiltily...

      This is based on the myth that men are the bad guys, and always to blame. This has led to the oppression of men and our discrimination in western society. Are you going to pay on the date too?

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