Whats with the sudden ignore?

So, this girl had a really bad night, and some bad stuff came up. Texted her, seeing if she was ok, asked her if she wanted me to call her etc. She said she couldn't call, I said ok. I told her I was always there for her, is there anything she needs, wants to talk etc. Then, I spent the whole morning helping her out with something, looking stuff up for her etc. Out of the blew, she sends me a text saying she found something for me to do/help. However, I couldn't respond since I was on a call with Comcast, what fun that was. So, I replied about an hour and apologized for not getting back sooner (I usually text back pretty quick). No reply, then SC her and no reply. She's posting on social media etc, so WTF. I apologized, spent the whole morning checking on her, then she plain out ignores me.


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  • She probably thought that you ignored her, so now she's doing the same to you.

    • I apologized to her for not getting back. On top of that, I literally spent the whole morning trying to help her and did whatever I could. She took 30-40 mins to reply to me, and when I have a legit reason to not reply, she gets upset? I care about her, told her I did, said anything I could do to help and get that? I find that unfair, and not someone I want to deal with.

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    • Also to note, wasn't in any way lashing out you, just at all of this. Its just getting me all frustrated because its making me feel like I did something wrong when all I tried to do was be there and help.

    • You didn't do anything wrong. I think she is being stubborn for no reason. Don't keep texting her though.

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