Bad second date, will I get third date or just let go?

so i met this guy on tinder, and we've only talked for 2 days and he asked me out on Sunday night for dinner. we had a good time, and he asked me out again on Monday for movie on Friday after office, he seems so excited for Friday and so did I. during the days we chat but not that often, he flirt about wanting to kiss me on Friday.
and then he picked me up at the office at Friday, although he was an hour late so we had to reschedulled for later show time (supposed to be at 7pm but delay to 9pm) while waiting for the show time we had dinner and i accompany him buy shoes and clothes, but i did not feel connected with him that night, he was kinda busy buying stuff.
and then while on cinema he did not even bother to touch me or hold my hands although i tried to rest my head on his arms but he didn't do anything.
we did not even finish the movie because we are sleepy and tired the movie was boring as well so we decided not to finish it, he ride me home and thats it.
later he text me he has arrived home safely and going to sleep.
i reply it the next day tease him about the new clothes he bought last night, he reply it by send me his pic in new clothes with his friends. and that's it.
he has not text me anymore since then.
I don't know, i really like this guy actually but he seems like he lose interest in me, what should i do? i want him.


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  • The worst u can do is chase him
    The more u chase a person who is losing interest is to chase... the more that person is gonna back off...
    Wait to hear from him... if he asks u out.. just go with the flow...
    There might be another girl in the picture.. No one knows.

    • yea im afraid he would run away, so should i just play it cool? cause i really like him

    • Don't contact him... wait to hear from him and then go with it

Most Helpful Girl

  • Same happened to me. He was too slow and too busy and too carefree (probably had other chicks on the line as well), so I lost interest. Then he started chasing me when he realized I'm not reciprocating, but it was too late.

    • what should i do then? i really like him.

    • Do nothing. :) Just live your life and be opened to meeting someone else, don't reject other guys just because you're waiting for this one. Then when he contacts you, if you still like him, meet up. It doesn't matter who asks who out, you could do it as well there's nothing wrong with that. Just ask nicely "hey wanna go do something today?" or something like that, and if he says yes talk to him about everything, ask him what is he looking for and where does he stand with you. If he doesn't agree on meeting well then you will know your answer. In both cases, there's nothing to lose. It took a week for my guy to contact me by the way.

    • Thnx for MHO! How did it go? :)

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  • Tinder is a hook up site he was probably looking for sex

    • If that's the case, why didn't he go for it?

    • @little_bird1 indeed, he doest seems like that kind of guy

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  • I'm sorry but I think he dropped you. He sounds a little self centered TBH

    • hmm maybe, but what should i do? i really like him.