Should men who suffer from anxiety/depression avoid dating/relationships?

I'm not asking for emotional support or anything like that (I'm pretty sure that's banned). I'm asking should men who have these emotional issues avoid dating?
I can think of a few reasons:

1) Women seem to be more demanding when it comes to the guy's attitude and attention (afaik) than men are of women so men like this won't be able to cope anyway.

2) It places an emotional burden on his partner which isn't fair.

3) He is vulnerable to ending up in an unhealthy relationship due to low self esteem.


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  • Well I was in relationship with someone with depression and also have depression myself. It's cool cos you understand each other but also sometimes it just multiplies the crazy. Sometimes you need to work on yourself.


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  • Yeah that is some good points, but what if he is depressed because he is single and finds a nice woman? Wouldn't that bring him out of depression?