Why did she not respond? Not interested or playing games?

I had been texting a girl I met online for a few days, and we decided to meet up last night. We went putt putting and had ice cream, the date lasted almost 3 hours and went very well. There was never a silent moment and at the end of the date she gave me a big hug and said "I throughly enjoyed our conversation!"

A couple hours ours after the date, I texted her saying I had a great time and wanted to see her again. 14 hours later, still no response.

Why would she have not responded? Should I try and text her again tomorrow if I don't hear back?


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  • Hmm she might be a bit confused about her feeling for you and she might also be dating more than one guy to see what her type is. The thing with online dating u have no idea who the person really is so it takes a while to get to know someone even just as friends. So just give it sometime if she wants to see you again she'll let you know. If not don't sweat it move on

  • Maybe she's busy and haven't had the chance to respond yet.
    Give it a few days (like 3, maybe) and if still no response then yea, maybe she isn't interested.

    • She responded not long after I posted this so I think I'm good now. Thanks :)

    • That's great!
      I've started getting used to my guy not responding for days sometimes. I don't know if it's a good thing to get used to it or not, lol, but I used to get all down and sometimes I even thought he might be ghosting me. I have to often remind myself that he's often very busy and has a very, very hectic schedule.

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  • Yeah keep pursuing her so that she sees how needy and clingy u are...
    dude, u fucked up becoz u dint go for the kiss on the date...
    u wana be her lover not her fucking male girlfriend..
    stop texting her unless she completely loses interest and respect for u...
    let her text u back and when she texts u back... arrange a date to get together
    and at least finish ur date with a kiss or else she is gonna lose interest...
    2 dates finish with kiss and on 3rd date have sex with her... or else u will always be her male girlfriend and not her lover

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