Why is it so hard to have a conversation with girls on dating sites (also how do you feel about online dating)?

It feels like pulling teeth...

when you're not getting no responses at all you either have conversations that consist of vague responses, one word answers, topics that lead nowhere, nonsense/gibberish, and/or absolutely apathy.

Why do these people suck so much? ... maybe the reason why relationships go nowhere is because of the lack of effort. Maybe the reason people are using these sites is because they lack the social graces or they are just straight up assholes. I feel like I should put a lot of effort into going to new places and trying new things because dating sites fucking suck.

And don't even get me started on miscommunication/misinterpretation... Make the slightest error and you're completely written off.

Sorry for the rant, how do you guys/girls feel about dating sites?


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  • It gets old. Until you meet them you get to a communication barrier. And that barrier is just not excitinh like it used to be

    • They're not even trying. If a text conversation gets old with in 3-4 responses that person has adhd...

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    • I was just stating personal experiences... I'm not attacking just expressing frustration.

    • Ok its cool then. I feel like online dating is like a shtty mock role playing game where everyone just talks about boring sht and the entire time you're sitting there asking yourself why you're waisting your time like tht.. At first its cool and some people can be really interesting but after a period of time talking over the internet just gets old and boring. Personally i just loose all interest and Burn out

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  • Im w/ you. The girls who just put in 1-word responses are so... bleh. It's like, are they too dimwitted to realize why they are single? And yes, you are right, last night I had a slight misunderstanding in my opening line and the lady wrote back like 3 paragraphs writing me off lol...

    Anyway, as for online dating in general - it sucks. I've been doing it on/off for 2 years. Have met around a dozen girls, and all the sane/stable ones did not want to see me again (maybe that's my fault lol...). The emotionally unstable/immature ones or socially awkward ones did want to see me again. Only one led to anything significant and we dated for almost 5 months w/o any sex (again, see emotionally immature).

    There are great people out there on dating sites. They're just - ironically - hard to find, or, also ironically, have high fucking standards.

    • Well I've been doing it for about 3 weeks and only one girl seemed like she would want to meet but she turned me off with her depression, desperation and I just wasn't that interested in the 1st place.

    • I should rephrase, ALL dating sucks.

      Anyway, don't get too discouraged. 3 weeks really isn't that long at all for online dating. It takes a lot of investment just to find someone really good. I know a couple guys much better looking and cooler than me and it took one like 2 years to find his current girlfriend (first one from online dating that's been really serious for him) and another one said my track record of meeting 12+ girls is actually REALLY good, better than his (even if they never lead to nowhere). Not sure how long it took him, but he met his girlfriend of like 3 years online. ... both used Match. com, I believe. That seems to a higher success rate site, since people there are paying, so they HAVE to take it serious.

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  • I guess a lot of women expect men to lead the convo. Or it could be a sign of disinterest. But I did kind of think online dating was for people who r socially backwards. I definitely think ur right about meeting people irl.

    • Honestly, the only thing I'm getting from it is knowing the Do's and Don'ts of what to ask someone to start a conversation... Which is followed by uninteresting conversations and even then what I said is based off of something I seen in their profile so that doesn't really help me in real life.

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  • Because they have boobs and don't have to try. Most of them think they're expert conversationlists because they get responses no matter how brain dead their replies are

    I do find it both hilarious and sad though when you've been talking to a chick for a while and then ask her for her number and she replies with some stupid crap like "I don't know you well enough for that yet" then you relook over the conversation and the chick hasn't asked you a single question

    • It's fucking retarded... not only that you have to beat around bush and you need to suppress everything you just said (because if a hint of that frustration and irritation is felt you officially shot yourself in the foot).

      All the girls I've talked to in my short online run I think only one has asked me a question, the selfishness is fucking asinine.

      I don't know man... I'm over complaining about it and just ready to accept this shit - I need to find my way through this mess.

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    • *3 word responses

    • I either get a response immediately or not at all no middle ground, if they look at my profile and don't respond right after - nothing is going to happen.

      And even then the conversations are so conservative I might as well talk to a spambot.

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    • I've seen this before... My theory is this - men have the upper hand in the business world and women have the upper hand in the dating world.

      Fuck life right? Lol

    • think about how we have been raised
      the men have to ask
      the men have to approach
      the men are expected to pay for dinner
      and that's what most men do basically everything

      what if we had a society where women did most of the work
      its social conditioning, women don't ask out cause men are always asking out
      but if men where to stop in general maybe women might start asking more

  • yeah i'm not a big fan of online dating if you're a guy. i think its better to find women in person.

    • I agree my buddy was completely denouncing it though (meeting people in the real) but he's always been stubborn when it comes to certain subjects and puts on the blinders when you have facts opposing it.

  • Tinder? I do pretty well when I get on, But I also have jacked shirtless pic on there so. Keep mirining

    • Are they flirting or are you actually meeting up in person?

      (I just made a tinder account today by the way... Because I was dissatisfied with the other site I was using)

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    • I mean I don't know about relationships bro not sure if chicks would want that on tinder rlol but yea if you looking for just meeting up or "stuff" like "that" Tinder it is lol just highlight your bio only with things good about you. I have shirtless pic with war grease on lol My bio is "tall jacked athletic" lol yours should be like "Only hmu if serious and I love skating"

    • Relationships feel like a flawed design to me now especially after last year - someone I had been interested in for years message me out of the blue (I was beyond excited, it felt like a movie) we talked back and forth for a bit, went for a date & she threw herself at me and as quickly as she came she started backing out. I tried to keep it going only to catch her with another guy and then she cussed me out for being upset about it... So it went from feeling like a movie to a nightmare.

      Anyway, it's the same story over and over not with just me and the girls I'm interested in but also with my friends and their exs... So fuck them, honestly & loyalty means shit to these thots and there's no point in bending over backwards for someone who was on their knees for someone else a day or week ago.

      So yeah - dog eat dog, either eat or be eaten.