What is it like dating in college?

I've never dated anyone in high school and I'm fairly certain I won't since this year is almost over. I was wondering if there were any other people like me out there.
I feel like I haven't put myself out there enough in high school and it took me a long time to finally be comfortable with opening up around others.
Now that I'm older I feel a lot more comfortable meeting new people than before so I was wondering if it's easier to date in college.
If you have been in a relationship in high school as well as college, how are they different?


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  • Very VERY stressful. College work ain't no joke.. so unless you plan on living with or near the person, its pretty slim...
    with every factor, its easier to split you apart... timetables... pathways to class... free time... work schedules (if you have it) etc
    thats why i encourage dating in high school.
    i won't lie to you... if you are looking for something "serious" and only just starting and in college... you better hope you have your four-leafed clover... you will need it.
    The time has passed, just focus on studies and party when you can... think about dating in junior year when you have the hang of it and have met enough people.
    who knows... it might be sooner.

    • I kinda had a feeling someone would say it's harder
      Thanks so much for being honest
      And as for your last line, I know LOL
      I am 99.999% sure there is no one I know at the moment that I am interested in and the only one I was interested in recently started dating someone else but izzz all good

    • im doing the same thing you are going to be doing... im just doing me.. the "right" person will reveal themselves soon enough.

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  • I am currently a freshman in college, and I haven't found anyone worth a relationship yet. One thing that will surprise you about college is that guys haven't really matured much. Just keep an open mind and focus on your studies. A good guy will come along when the timing is right!

    • Thanks for the advice and optimism! I hope you run into someone worthy of you when you're ready :D

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  • It'll probably be easier. It'll be real easy for hookups. Harder for relationships. Definitely don't go looking for a committed relationship from guys at parties.

    • That makes sense
      Too bad I'm not looking for hookups
      Thanks for the advice cg

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    • Just join clubs of your interest and study groups. That'll probably be your best bet for relationships in college.

    • Yeah definitely
      I'm going in as a comp sci major so I'll hopefully have time to make new friends at hackathons too

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  • I'm in the same boat but I've met guys at my local community college and they're so much easier to talk to than HS boys

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