Should I delete my online dating profile?

I've been finding guys online. I went on 4 dates and they all ended badly. Either the guy never responded back or they treated me like an option. The recent guy I've talked to stated he's only looking for friends. We mutually liked eachother. I messaged him first. He always responded. We've been talking for 4 days. Platonic wise. I didn't do any type of flirting because he stated he just wanted friends. However, today he messaged once. He complimented me saying that I seem polite and a pleasure to be around and that I have a very nice smile. Then he asked if I liked night clubs. Why he's asking me that? I'm not sure. He states he's very introverted and likes to keep his circle small and prefers to be alone. He talks about his dog and his work and favorite foods. I don't want to jump to conclusions but I can't handle being abandoned again. I see that he goes offline and then online again. Which makes me see that I'm not the only one being talked to. I'm trying to make male friends as well but it seems like "friends" or even potential dates always leave me. I don't believe im boring when messaging. What am I doing wrong? This is really making me depressed and I feel no hope for me. I just don't want to try because I never get positive results. I didn't even find him that attractive but I'm trying to expand from my usual preferences. Should I just delete my online dating profile?

Also he kept hinting that he wanted me to show him some stuff we were talking about but never made a plan to meet up. But I thought we only talked for 3-4 days so that would be weird.


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  • Would you really think you wonr be option on tinder OP? Lol


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  • Maybe he wanted to be friends first then date

    I deleted mine caz I had similar experiences as you& itit's really not worth it

    • Yes I know. I'm okay with being friends. However, why compliment me and then disappear? I'm not understanding...

    • He could be shy and afraid of showing interest because he thinks you'll reject him- introverts do that
      Or he found someone else