Why did the coffee date go nowhere?

I finally got the nerve to ask this guy to a coffee date, and he accepted. I had worked with him previously but hadn't seen him in 3-4 months. I admit at times it was a bit awkward, but overall I thought our conversation went well.

At the end, he walked me home, told me it was nice seeing me again, and gave me a hug. Since he didn't mention a 2nd date, I hinted if he wanted to hang out again to give me a call. He genuinely seemed interested in my answers, when we were talking. From my previous work experiences with him, I don't know much about him except he is extremely polite and smiles a lot. Does he understand the coffee was a date? If he was interested, he definitely should of called me for a date, right?


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  • most likely he does know it was a date, and even if he didn't think so he would call if he wanted to see you again. you guys might have had a good conversation, but that also happens between friends and acquaintances, it doesn't guarantee a love connection. many guys seem genuinely interested at the time of the date because they either want to be polite or they're just plainly enjoying the conversation.

    how long has it been since the date? if it's only a couple of days there is a possibility of him calling, past that it's unlikely. don't lose your mind thinking about him calling, just go on about your days and see what happens.

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