Dating a deaf girl, anyone with experience or advice?

I recently met a deaf girl through an online dating website. We have been talking for about a week and we are both interested in each other and plan on meeting up soon. Unfortunately, I do not know any sign language, but have been trying to learn it since we started talking. We have skyped a few times and are able to communicate, although most of the time its a little tricky. Sometimes when I think about dating her, I question if this is something I want to get myself into. Not that I see it as a problem, but the lapse in communication will certainly be tricky for a while. But, when I look at her pictures or see her on Skype my mind doesn't even think that way. She is gorgeous and has a beautiful contagious smile and I really admire her cheery personality. My question is, has anyone ever had a deaf/hearing relationship with someone? What was it like, what should I know, and what should I expect?


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  • Think about the person as a whole. Maybe worth learning a few more signs if you are both using Skype and communicating this way must be going ok. You both are learning about each other and learning how to communicate with each other as well. The best tip is to learn the alphabet finger spelling you will go far with that. If she is not able to understand the word you just said just fingerspell it out it goes a long way. (or right the letters out on the palm of your hand) Be patience in communicating remember not only you have to think about communication she does as well so it is about both parties meeting in the middle.

    Skype is good as she is getting used to lipreading you.

    • Thank you very much, great advice.

    • You are welcome - I could give you more information however everyone is different it best you communicate with her and find out more from her. Have fun

  • Why would she have a Skype if she's deaf? Why not just text?

    • Because she can still see and lip read. She can see my gestures and understand what I am trying to say. We still do text.

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