I am attracted to a close friend?

I am attracted to one of my closest friends and I do not know how to react. She is about my intellectual equal and could school me any day of the week on fandom and such. She is a redhead and is about 4 inches shorter than I. I am 5'6". I am also aware that about 5 other males, all friends of mine, are attracted to her. I am one of the school computer nerds and don't do very well in social settings outside of my small circle of friends. There are about 400 people in my school and I maybe know 75 after my 3rd year. This is all rambling but to cut to the chase she and I are both highly intelligent but I do not know how to interact with females aside from the typical greeting and then hurriedly walking away.


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  • "I do not know how to interact with females aside from the typical greeting and then hurriedly walking away".

    Why do you have that problem if the person in question is one of your closest friends?

    • If I am speaking to her on a school or intellectual subject I can maintain conversation. As soon as a situation involves emotion I do not know what actions to take and do my best to vacate the area before I say or do something I can't undo.

    • Do you like challenges? Because I think this is going to be one.

      In order to create attraction and a bond with this girl, you need to be able to connect with her emotionally. Don't worry about being clumsy or saying the wrong thing. Expressing emotion isn't your forte but you need to make an effort to progress: this implies getting out of your comfort zone and talking about things that are not related to academics/intellectual subjects. Get personal :)

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  • Well, first of all , she is but one female and you guys already have something in common. I assume you share at least one class together. So the hard parts over

    Maybe you can ask her out. I know you maybe shy and socially awkward but maybe find out what she likes.. books? museum, something that you know will appeal to her.


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