After making the moves, did he loose interest?

We had 4 dates, text are always great But We haven't texted in a week. I reached out last to him And asked him out And he agreed, it went good. Prior to that, We hardly texted for a week But when We do, it is paragraphs And GREAT conversations. By me making the moves, could that have made a diference? What can I do?


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  • Stop texting. texting is terrible communication. Talk preferably in person. beyond that, I don't understand the issue... re-explain.
    course you are a different generation, but I'm telling you what I know.

    • The issue is that he texts And asks me out randomely And is not consistant, what confuses me is that if I reach out to him Or ask him out it goes well. If I don't reach out he will reach out out of the blue And it takes him a while.

      Why can't he just do more face time? And be consistant? I Am assuming he is shy And lack ingl├ęs interest? So Why say yes to me And converse with me Really well if he is not putting half the effort?

      Yes, I have guts to make the first moves But now I stepped aside to let him reach out. I just hate that this seems childish But I already like him to give up On him

    • I've always like the solution... ask him, talk to him about how things are going. I get the sense you want more of his time and focus. That can be too much too soon given where you are, but ok to explore direction, what he is thinking. So don't be needing and demand or require now, he needs space. But If you can't have open honest communication, then this is going to be hard on you and you need someone more mature. He may not be that interested, may be busy, not trained very well. Some guys need to learn these skills... how to ask out, treat the woman, etc.. and it takes training from women.
      But he should do more face time meetings if he is interested. He could be dating other women (my suspicioun) so you are just one of few. let us know how it goes.

    • Friday, he sent me a pic of his nephew telling me he was taking him out to ride a horse so I think he shares valuable things with me but does not give me a direction in which we are headed, I am used to dating older me so I kind of get frustrated but give space and am learning to let things fall into place, that's why I'm asking here and not pressuring him. Thank you for the advice, I keep my options open but it is hard to see other people when you have your mind and eyes set one one person already

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  • It could be two reasons. No 1 the Hunt is now over. Or No 2 your not putting out.

    • We haven't even kissed, he seems shy. So I don't know what to do... I Really like him But I can't be putting all the effort, I like to know they are interested too

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    • Okay, Thank you!

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  • Who had more initiative before the week-long break in texting?
    I'm gonna assume it was him. In which case, your 'making the moves' probably did help in him seeing that the interest is mutual from your side.

    • Before it was always him But before the week of non text, I reached out twice to him

      Im sure I made it clear I Am interested when I asked him out last, no kiss yet either, he is kind of shy

    • hmm yeah this might take a while for both of you to sort of come out your shells and send clearer signs. But for now, I'd think that you making the moves was all positive, in respect to that.