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Okay, so I have never been in a relationship, I have never even been asked out before, I know I'm only fifteen but I feel that I am never going to have a relationship I mean I don't need a boyfriend I am okay on my own but it would be nice to actually have someone that finds me attractive or even just guys in general to find me attractive, I guess I'm just very insecure and you guys don't know what I look like but I just don't know I guess I'm not girlfriend material but I mean most guys my age are very sexual which I don't mind but I mean thats all they want which I understand but I just don't know if anyone has any tips or suggestions or something that would be greatly appreciated:)


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  • You will be in a relationship in time. Whats important is to have a good one. Most guys your age are immature unfortunately. There are lots of good "nice" guys in the corner which I'd bet if you talked to them enough, they'd come out of their shells ans you could have the "discussions" you want. Not saying these are your ideal guys. Maybe approach this as exploration.
    Make sure you know what your boundaries are in relationship. If you don't someone else will define them for you and it will hurt. Boundaries are things that protect your heart.
    Don't get into drugs/drinking, they take your inhibitions down.
    Very insecure is not a good thing.. you are going to draw in a bad person. Build your security in yourself. Build your self esteem. If need more on how to do that, ask. Boys will use door mats, but they don't love them or value them. Make sense?

    • Yes thank you very much, don't worry I am not one of those kids who go out doing drugs and drinking but thank you it does make sence:)

  • When you get out of school and college those guys will be crawling for you lol people's tastes change , people's desires and life ambitions change at school and college it's pretty much just childish hook ups. You will meet many guys in your future Trust me


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