She loves me and cares about me but she's choosing another guy over me?

Me and this girl who I treated and treat like royalty dated for five months, we decided to be friends with benefits for a while and that lasted four months then one day she said she lost feelings for me when the week before she said she wanted to marry me. A week later she was with another guy who she was talking to while we were friends with benefits. a month later things ended between them and a while after we started being friends again. I was playing hard to get and then she starts saying she likes me but she is also talking to this other kid who she says she will never like. A while later we start hooking up while she knows I'm talking to this other girl and hooking up with this other girl,mean- while she is still talking to this other guy. so recently she hooked up with this guy she says she would never like and is considered together with him and I'm together with this other girl but she tells me she loves me and is so jealous of this other girl and in a little while we will be together and she knows things will get serious when were together so she wants to have fun with this guy now. I told her that I would leave this other girl in a second for her and that she's being so immature and I'm not gonna wait around to be together with her, and if that's what she wants we should go our separate ways, she says ok. so right now were not talking and I am just so confused, she is in love with me but is choosing for us to be with other people we don't care about as much. and then when things die between these other people we will be together. I know for a fact she cares about me and loves me. I just don't know how to interpret all of this and I mean I haven't stopped thinking about this girl for close to 5 months. Please help me! how do I interpret this? What should I do? I want to be with her so badly! Thank you I appreciate it!

Honestly its not me its her. She just wants to have fun before she gets into something serious, and she likes the attention and she's making new friends through this guy so she loves that and wants that to continue for a while, before we become serious


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  • there is a chance she just loves you as in bestfriend. I have had that problem...

    • I don't think its that, like she says when she sees me she gets butter flys in her stomach and when she kisses me her whole body tingles, idk

    • Then that is soooo not my situation. ummmmm I hate to ask this but what *could* be your flaws?

    • So she wants to have fun while she can... I gotcha. well the only thing I can tell you is to try and show her you can be just as much fun weather she thinks so or not.

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