Our parents are racist?

Me and this guy like each other, but our parents are racist and doesn't want us to date any other race then our own. What should I/we do? Should we just stay friends? or date secretly? I dont know what to do. What if one day they really want to meet his girlfirend but he can't because she's not white? What if I have to show my family my boyfriend, but can't because he's a white boy?


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  • Keep dating each other. Your parents have to accept it. They should eventually realize that being a racist nowadays is pretty stupid.


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  • It really depends a lot on how old you both are. My girlfriend is black and I'm white, but we're both adults.

    • Were both teenagers

    • As much as I respect the power of love, you can't win here. There are other guys that your family will accept. Remember what happened to Romeo and Juliet.

    • Yeah, I was just really hoping to be with him cause I mean he's like one of the first guys I have had a crush on, to like me back. Who'd miss on a chance like that? But, you're right. I have already decided to forget about him and I hope we both meet someone in the future.

  • So why should you care what they think? DO what you want...

    • Both our parents are very strict, so getting out of the house is hard for the both of us.

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