Is she in love or obsession? Im scared?

1. This super flirty girl flirted with me and i also played along with it but i dint haf sex with her or anything.
2. She was flirting with other dudes too, so i just thought maybe she is a slut. I asked her out, she refused coz she wanted to spend time with one guy.
3. I started ignoring her and then she stopped coming to the class, its been 3 months no contact.
4. Now, she is uploading songs, poems basically saying she loves me.
5. She is uploading pics of buddha saying 'buddha teaches me middle path, peace' lol.

I want to ask... if this girl is in love or is she obsessed about me?
And why she did not contact me directly?

  • She is obsessed with you, run dude.
  • She is in true love, girls only write poems for guys they are really in love with.
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  • She is not in love or obsessed obviously you're her side dick/ second option.

    • Nah... She blew that guy off too... And he doesn't have her phone number..
      And she ain't uploading these poem and songs just now...
      She is doing it almost since last 3 months when she stopped coming to class and we stopped talking..
      But she never directly texted me

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