How am I meant to know if he's over me or not? long, but pleeeeeease send help?

Basically, I think mine and my ex's break up has been a huge mistake. I miss him, and I've really taken him for granted.

Its a whole year later and STILL despite not being in contact, my heart races and my face lights up when I see him.

However I've kept on saying things that have only got him angrier with me, so he literally never contacts me. Unless it's Christmas or my birthday.

We've gotten to the point when he said we should keep contact to a bare minimum, which means I literally never see him and we practically never speak.

Tonight, he'd been working, and my sister and I ran into him during his shift (in a store). He waved, but continued on with what he was doing. Then, dropped his pen knife on the floor, so my sister picked it up for him.

I decided to say hi. He seemed cheerful enough? And spoke to us both briefly. Then he started talking about cooking and all the things he made me when we were together adding in 'I am a pretty good cook, Emma, aren't I?' To which I admitted.

However, after a very brief chat, he said he had to get back to work.

He can seem pleasant towards me, but at the same time, he seems I don't know... a little melancholy. He never really tends to laugh around me anymore, however, he's smiled a few times in my presence recently. He tends to be quiet and whenever I ask how he is its 'fine' 'OK' or 'meh' so yeah... he seems happy around everyone else. So whys he so dismal with me? :/

also, how the heck am I meant to know how he TRULY feels when he goes on like this?

  • He's probably over you
  • There's no way to tell
  • His behaviour suggests he's not over you
  • Other
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Aww come on guys!


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  • When u take a guy for granted - blow him off, disrespect him, walk all over him basically treat him like a doormat and treat him like shit for all his love and care for u.
    A point comes, where the guy decides - ITS OVER, and trust me once a guy decides its over , it really is over.
    Once a guy stops caring for a woman, that is the point where that guy is over that woman and nothing can bring him back,
    he might have sex with u but he will never love u.
    get over it and move on.


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