Is this guy trying to control me or mess with me?

I met a guy at a spiritual place- he seemed nice but he was interested in creepy things. He got my email, and i left didn't stay long. He then asked me to go visit him where he's at- a spiritual town etc. He seemed friendly and inviting- but the way he was inviting me like im just gonna drop everything im doing to go hang out with him. I did want to talk to him but something doesn't seem right. Also, the town is creepy and full of psychics and all that. I dont like going there. He did invite me all weekend, but somethings been holding me back. I said i'd meet him finally sat but then he had to do something. Again he asked me today to meet him there- but i didn't feel good. I told him i didn't like that place, and was creeped out.

He didn't suggest i could pick him up and go somewhere else. Also, everytime I say im psychic, or have had a psychic experience, it's weird, he'll try to undermine it and say some weird thing to act as if its in my head or its just me rationalizing. It's weird- every psychic experience I say I've had he'll try to act like its not true. But he said he went the other day to watch something creepy- i dont wanna say what it was but just messed up. I find it weird he's trying so hard to get me to go talk to him at that place- something doesn't seem right, and also now he's insulting every experience i have or making me feel this way. Is he trying to mess with me or put me down. is he mad i haven't gone to visit him? why does he feel entitled


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  • There are people who are fascinated by the occult and all that. I think its okay as long as its for learning experiences but I won't go around him if he starts experimenting cause thats some serious shi** that you dont want to get mixed up in.

  • That dude is a stoner.