Girls, Matching on tinder under these circumstances?

How do I get a match on tinder with these circumstances

Ok so I heard girls on tinder don't like mirror selfies but unfortunately that's all I have cause I don't have friends to take pictures with or friends to take a picture of me

Thanks for opinions


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  • When i read ur question, i smile.
    Let me tell you about this... but in my opinion.
    As a girl, i dont like.
    1. Yes dont take selfie on mirror. Its not masculine and manly. Its awkward.
    2. Dont show off ur abs too much, if u have. We actually can sense and feel it when u try hard to look cool, but no u dont.
    3. Dont take pic with intention of show off ur expensive things. Like u have car. Honestly, we see that man is cheap and pathetic.

    So, please ask ur friend to take a pic of u.
    And then keep it simple, classy, dont need try hard to look cool ok, simple genuine smile. We love it. We girls really can sense all of it. Good luck


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  • why don't you just put the camera on timer or take a proper selfie? it's not rocket science buddy

  • You have no friends? Family? Sister or brother?

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