Should I tell my crush I like him?

I'm probably over-analyzing the situation. I noticed whenever I talked, this guy stared at me, not in a mean way. There was a period of time where him and I kept looking at each other and smiling..
I sat across from him at a table. He said he had long arms, and I said I did too. Then he reached across the table and put his hand on my shoulder, claiming that his arms were longer. I put my hand on his shoulder, and claimed that mine were longer. Was that flirting? Eleven days later, I texted him:

Me: is this Jake?
Him: Maybe, who's asking?
Me: Ashley!! Haha.
Him: okkkkkkk and what do u want?
Him (again): okkkkkkk and what do u want?
Me: I guess wanted I to say hi?
Him: Ok?
Me: I m glad you're not some sort of creep.
Him: K.

I was sorta hurt by him responding so coldly. But he apologized later.

Him (later): Sorry if i sounded like a jerk it s just i get super defensive when people i dont know text me cuz ik my friends have given my number to random people so its like who are you what do you want.

Me: I should've asked you for your number instead of asking my friend for it. But you seemed really cool and I was nervous... so yeah.

Whenever I see him, he usually looks a little nervous. At first, he would stare at me for awhile and runs his hands through his hair. Now, he looks at me for a few seconds, and doesn't say anything.

He's about to graduate, should I tell him about my feelings?


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  • I don't know. It seems like you don't know each other too well? In which case it might be a bit awkward to confess since he seems like he has his guard up. Even if you didn't get his number directly from him, it was very weird of him to react that way. It just feels like he barely even knows you and doesn't know what to think of you yet. You should probably just try to get to know him better. See if he responds well to it or if he keeps being a bit cold and unresponsive.
    Usually I'd tell you to just go for it, but at this point it seems like he doesn't feel anything for you yet, so it would be a bit odd to confess to him.


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  • But up or shut up

  • Yes you should. Either way it is going to hurt. One way it hurts less the other it hurts for months.


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  • You should. I mean the worse can happen is he can say no. Honestly it's not that scary after you do it. I mean you should know instead of just dwell on the idea of what could of been