What should I do?


First of all, I've been together with my boyfriend for about 4 months?
We were fine during the first three months, no fights, no quarrel nothing but just like what people say when honeymood period is over, things change.. so recently, both of quarrel and he wanted some time to think about it!

I've ask him (when we are still quarreling) whether does he want a clean break he said he's not sure, im not sure is the emotional that causes him to speak like that or what but im confused!

Also, he mention that if he wannted a break , he will see his fb and insta has nothing related to me (so far everything still there)

one thing he mention to me is " What i want now is to give me some time to really think through what can be done or change"
also he had been indirectly sharing thing on fb (thats related to me)


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  • he's very confused, i think you should give him some space and time to think

    • how long should i give?

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    • Alright, Thank you so much!

    • no problemoo

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  • Well the first 3 months are always bliss. But if you guys are having a lot of troubles arguing already maybe it's not meant

    • yeah! but this were the 2nd big fight we ever had?

    • It's really up to the both of you. I mean it could work but I mean it's still kind of early too. I mean I hope the best but some thing aren't meant too.

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  • When a guy says i nĂ©ed time, basically he is saying...
    Wait in the background while let me check out my other options Nd if i dont find anyone better i will come back to. U...
    Fuck this shit woman... Go about ur life and leave this chump

    • Well, that doesn't apply to majority of the guys isn't it? tbh in my opinion, i think guys like that are pretty much a playboy?

    • I told u the truth... he ain't into u.. because when a guy is crazy about a girl.. he doesn't say shit like this...

  • He sounds indecisive, he needs time to clear his mind.

  • Just relax


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