How do I make an interesting conversation with a guy who's quiet online?

There's this guy that I met last year who was interested in me and really liked me a lot...Then in August 2009 he had cut me off.

Now we recently got back in contact- we last saw each other on Feb 17th 2010 in person and we got close to each other(making out,etc but we didn't go all the way). Now to have gotten back in touch with me he obviously cares about me & likes me.

Online when we speak (on MSN), he's a quiet guy- he says more in person.

-How do I make an interesting conversation with this guy?

-How do I persuade him to see me again? (he likes me yet he's always giving me mixed signals)


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  • some people can communicate better in person than said earliear depends upon person to person. you seem to know him, you must be knowing what he might be interested in...and if both of you have the same interest then its easiear to come up with conversation. you can talk to him about many things- career, life, love, religion, music, movies, history, polictics, business...etc..depends upon his and yours interest.

    i hate it when they give mixed signals. when my ex gave mixed signals, I went straight up to him and talked to him about it...but I am not proud of it anymore...because our relationship didn't last. maybe he is dating someone else or he doesn't want to date right now? don't make yourself available to him everytime..both online and in person.

    • Well he's a quiet one who keeps a lot to himself....and he's a passive guy...This girl actually chased after him and then she cheated on him too and he was saying that I'm sincere and caring....I'm always very open with him too- is this a bad thing? He's also unsure of things.....

    • Whats ur opinion?

      Here's his Facebook profile:

      What type of a guy does he look like to u?