After our talk on Sunday about our problems, my boyfriend still hasn't gotten texted or called. Should I call him or wait for him to call?

My boyfriend and I are in our late 20's and we dated for 4 years. We didn't talk to each other for 3 weeks after an argument we had. I ended up calling him on Sunday and our problem is communication. I told him that I'm going to work on communicating way better and dealing with the situation differently when I get mad. He's just frustrated at our relationship and said that he doesn't know if he even wants this relationship anymore or if we should just be friends.. Because we've dated each other for 4 years now so we should be passed this stage. He said he's looking at the bigger picture (marriage), and we should be going long periods of time without talking to each other anymore. In the past, we've gone 1 to 2 weeks without talking to each other after our arguments but this hasn't happened in a while. I told him that i'm willing to work on this and at the end of the conversation he said that he would take my word for it. So in my head, we're going to try to work through our problems and we're still together, but I didn't hear from him all day yesterday and I was contemplating if I should call him or not or just give him time.
I ended up sending him a text before I went to sleep saying “I love you.. goodnight” and he responded by saying he loves me too, but he didn’t try to get in contact with me at all yesterday. And today, he still hasn’t gotten in contact with me. I'm wondering if i should call him today or just leave him alone and wait to see if he calls? I don't want to call him if he's still feeling distant towards this relationship... thoughts?


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  • This is very simple.. Send this message. " I miss you and you really will be glad to get this disagreement behind us so that we can begin to move forward. And see what his response is


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