Why did he ask for my phone number and only text me once and then disappear?

So this guy recently asked for my number online. He is a local and we talked for 4-5 days so far. He asked for my number as " Can I please have your number so we can txt?" I think a friend of his wrote that for him because the way it was spelt was different than he normally typed. Anyways I gave him my number. He text me that same night. We sent 1 text back and forth. Then he ended the conversation saying " I'm being bland. I'm pretty tired. Have a great night I'm crashing. " I replied to his text this morning saying have a nice Tuesday. Haven't heard from him all day. What gives? Is he playing around? He stated he is only looking for "new friends". I'm keep going it strictly platonic. He says he's very introverted but goes out sometimes. Is this how guys work? I'm just wondering because after meeting 4 guys from online I really don't like meeting them this way. This may be the last guy I try to understand from online. It's too much work and hassle. I hope I didn't do anything wrong for him to have this behavior. Anyways what gives? Is this guy just weird or does he think he's playing me?


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  • I think if you are having trouble with online dating, it might be that you are investing too much too early. My general rule was that the guy doesn't even exist in my world until we met up at least once. And a meet up only if the guy had up to that point shown potential to me (I did usually try to meet quickly though. Both people have a clearer idea after the first date).

    • Yeah. I think that's good advice. They're nothing until you actually meet them. He's the one that initiated for asking for my number. Took 4 days. He hinted that he wants me to show him stuff like hangout but never initiated it. I don't know if he's socially awkward or just playing around with me. I'm just trying to be nice bough and meet new people. Not trying to have crushes or anything yet. It's just weird how online functions.

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    • Yeah... too late for that then. I was told i'm an option so i doubt ill hear from him now. or ill hear from him randomly. dont feel like dealing with that though. i was never good at interviewing or selling myself. lol. i'll just stop dating because my mentality is so different from the numbers game. i dont like games.

    • Yes, as a general rule with online dating you are an option (and he should be too until you are exclusive). That would be a drawback to online dating-to be successful you really have to just have a detached , numbers game type attitude...

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  • It's kinda weird that he would stop texting you right away. I think it's a combination of mind games and having an introverted personality. It could also mean that he might be planning his next course of action. Or it be that he's a terrible texter.

    • i dont think he's a terrible texter. when we were messaging on the app he was responding fast and well. he checked that frequently to message me. I think im just an option again. Sigh. I dislike being options. Really annoying but I know thats how dating goes. Im not cut out for dating then. When I talk to someone. I focus on one person and getting to know them. However these days thats not how it goes.

    • You're right, I didn't even think about that. He's keepin you around as a backup plan.

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  • I don't know, kinda seems weird to me. He could be playing hard to get in which i would say you could try texting him hey, and if his replies are really shady and the conversation is going no where then you know ur just wasting your time. Hope this helps :)

    • I don't want to double text him. I sent him a text this morning. Wouldn't that seem annoying? I mean his replies are normal usually when we text? Except for that last one where he said he was tired and going to sleep... He always texts or messages back everyday. Maybe I should just stop relying. I'm too available or something. *shrugs*