What can a guy do to keep a girl interested in texting after getting her number?

it seems like girls get bored of me really fast


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  • Text and do normal small talk and try to keep the conversation going as naturally as possible, but have a lot of interesting (things we aren't asked be every guy) questions up your sleeve if things slow down

    • i say hi , i compliment her , ask her how her days is but she almost never responds back

    • It sounds like she isn't interested. If you've done this pattern multiple days thiugh, then she may have gotten bored and moved on, so maybe bring out interesting questions earlier

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  • what are your texting habits

    • i text once a day at least saying something like hi or hey and she doesn't respond half the time

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    • then why did she give me her number when I asked for it?

    • I don't know, people have their reasons. it doesn't always amount to interest.

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    • i ask her how her day is , i say hi, i compliment her, but she almost never responds back wtf