Fellas how would you react in this situation?

I remember a while back watching a dating show either on VH1 or MTV, it was about guys taking out their s/o's mothers out on dates to show them how good and how wothry they'll be to their daughters. but oh well what would you do if you had to take your s/o's mom out on a date and then after the date your mother in law just comes at you and tells you...

- I fuck on the first date

- I want to know how your gonna make love to my daughter

- I want you to do it to me like you would do it to my daughter

- I fuck on the first date now let's get it on, pretend I'm my daughter!

- Etc

would you do it?


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  • wow that would be stressful


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  • I would be shocked and appalled. After making sure I understood her correctly, I would just leave.
    The idea of taking their mother out on a date is already a bit unusual, but this is just insane


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