Should I let it go?

So I may have been doing a little stalking of this girl that's like 5 years older than my boyfriend and he used to be good friends with her about 5 years ago back in high school. He had commented on one of her pictures two years ago and said "beautiful as always. Just sucking up to my middle school crush". I asked him about it and he said it was just a joke to be stupid. Should I just let it go? We weren't together at the time...

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  • It seems you have not moved on from that incident. Yes you should let it go.


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  • Omg girl pick your battles, you will have a stressful relationship if you get mad over petty things like that. I don't even know why you would dig back 2 years to find a comment on a picture, you're gonna run your boyfriend off if you keep obsessing or getting crazy over things like that.

    • I know but it's so hard for me to let things go... I see something like that and I'll remember it for a while and when I think of it I get sad

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    • Even though it was a joke when he said she was beautiful it still upsets me... He even told me that he didn't think she was beautiful... but I don't know just makes me jealous

    • I agree. Anyone who would dig back that far is definitely looking for something!

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  • Yeah... I think you should let it go already... you know... just let it...

    Sorry but I couldn't resist XD

  • This is funny. You don't usually find massive agreement on questions like this. This line really says it all:

    *We weren't together at the time... *

  • So jealous and possessive.


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