Is he over his ex?

I have been seeing a guy for a few weeks and we get along very well and talk about so much. There were a few things that seemed "off". He lives with an older female roommate that he works with (definitely not worried about that situation) but I cannot stay at his house because she is "nosy" and she will see me and say, "that's not your girlfriend" he said he meant to say "A girlfriend" as in someone she knows. Today he mentioned his ex broke his heart and she is coming home from school and will probably want to talk to him. He said that he is unsure if he wants to talk to her but might be weak and do it anyways. I told him saracastically that was not a comforting thing to hear. He said he doesn't want to get back together, just unsure if he even wants to talk to her. Then I found out he works with this ex's mom. So now I realized that is why he doesn't want his roommate to know, because she works with his ex's mom and she will tell him! Also, the "she's not your girlfriend" comment now makes sense, because she probably knows her!! Why is he doing this? He clearly cannot be over his ex if he is hiding me, and now he is going to talk to her when she gets home from school. Like I said, it is still just casual, maybe before it gets further should I run far away from him? Or believe that he really doesn't want to get back together? Why did he even tell me this?


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  • I think so


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