She is back after choosing another dude?

We were just casually dating... No sex etc.
So she started exploring her options with other dudes.,
i asked her out while she was sitting with him in the office break and she blew me off for this dude coz she wanted to spend time with him.
I went about my life, and this other dude turns out to be a douchebag.
And now she is chasing me, should i accept her?
Or she is a cheater?

  • She is a cheater, don't accept her, but use her as a sex playmate.
  • This is not cheating , give her a chance.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Vote C = U sound hurt so don't go back for more pain = Move on.

    • Shouldn't i feel butthurt?
      She treated me like Backup?

    • Please know that I am not judging you or your feelings.
      Your post did however state that you were "just casually dating"

Most Helpful Guy

  • Nope... a slut is a slut..
    She will never be faithful to you...
    Although you could just fuck hey then dump her... let her hurt

    • I was thinking about it too...
      M gonna just pump her and dump her... just fuck buddy..

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    • I will do that bruh... Fuck emotions with these kinda hoes.

    • Hmmm good enjoy!

What Girls Said 4

  • She's jot a cheater

  • Maybe she came back because she realizes you were the guy for her

    plus you guys was just casual dating nothing serious.

    • She came back because she didn't find someone better,

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    • So u think i should have any sympathy for her?
      although, now she uploads sad songs and poems about me and she uploaded a profile pic of hers in which she is smiling lip closed but her eyes look swelled as if she has cried them out,
      and now she uploads pics of buddha saying "buddha teaches me middle path, peace etc"
      she doesn't know that i stalk her instagram profile , so basically she is not doing all this to show me, she is just expressing whats inside of her.
      Do u think she really regrets losing me? and she can really change?

    • Yes, Just talk to her see where her head at? Just don't get attach like you did before.

      I think she can change but you will always question Would she leave me for a another guy?

  • Personally I wouldn't be able yo date someone knowing I wasn't their first option. And I would honestly move on and find someone else. But it seems like you're gonna hit it and quit it from your responses.

  • I said B because even if she may not be perfect, simply using her for sex is a disgusting thing to do if she expects something else. You'd break her heart that way.

    Now Im all for casual sex but only if both parties understand it's casual and are comfortable with it being nothing but that.


What Guys Said 2

  • She's not a cheater, but I couldn't go into that knowing I was the second option.

  • I guess it depends on how much you like her

    • I like her a lot... but i dont like to date a girl for whom im second option.