What does that mean?

So I told this guy that I am dating it's been about a month that I really like him. He asked why and I told him. I also asked if it was a bad thing and he said "no I respect that answer."
Does anyone know what that means?


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  • He is not ready to take things seriously and tell you how he feels because it's too early. Or he just doesn't feel the same way for you.

    • Should I not have said anything?
      I am starting to regret telling him because he may not feel the same way. Like it could have ruined things between us.

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    • Yeah and also meet his friends before he meets your family because you can tell a lot about a person by knowing his friends.

    • Well I told him yesterday night so I will see if he talks to me at all today

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  • What was your answer when he asked why?

    • I told him this

      I just do I like being around you and talking to you, your really nice funny, your personality , I like how when I tell you that I don't open up very quickly I'm a shy closed person and you were okay with that and that you okay with that and that you would wait for me, that's what I like.

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    • I don't think his feelings have changed :)

    • All he had to say about how I felt about him was okay. That seems really bad to me.

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