Texted girl for two months, finally met yesterday, no kiss. Is this normal?

there was this girl I met online, and we texted for two months. Then, we met for coffee yesterday, talked for 1.5 hours, and when we were done, it moved in for the kiss and she turned her cheek. Initially, I thought she just did it because she was waiting for me to try to kiss her. After the initially cheek kiss, I tried again, same answer.

Is this not gonna go anywhere?

today, more than 27 hours after I texted her, she thanked me for the coffee. What is going on here?


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  • An issue with online dating is that you can text and message forever, but until you meet you don't know if there will be a connection in person. When I date online I try to meet pretty early on, I message enough to get a decent idea of the person and make sure they are normal but then I want to meet for that exact reason. This could have been what happened with her, maybe in person she realized that there wasn't much chemistry after all. Also, even if I message someone for a long time if is the first time ever meeting the person I am not ready to kiss them. I only kiss on the first date if I have met them in person before hand because I then I know there is chemistry and attraction before I even go out with them once.

  • Maybe she just doesn't like physical intimacy that early on. She might be more reserved or old fashioned. I wouldn't jump to conclusions.

    • I texted her this morning that it was good to meet her. Haven't heard back in an hour. Bad sign? I really like this girl; she's talented, funny, interesting, a little plump but beautiful smile/face...

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    • Yeah I'd say it's then likely that she just wasn't feeling it. Onto the next!

    • she then replied yesterday (28 hours after I texted her; she said "you too; thank you for the coffee."

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