Do guys usually do this and does it mean anything?

Last night, my boyfriend and I were shopping at Walmart, and he expressed that I should by a toothbrush and leave it as his place so when I sleep over I can have a toothbrush. Just wondering, if It means anything at all, or he is just being more comfortable with the fact we doing good. I have been sleeping over for awhile before this, and he sleeps at my place and has his own toothbrush. He also is letting me drive his car, like he asked you wanna drive, and he also says can I drive your car. So not sure if its just something guys usually do later in a relationship or what..


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  • yeah a lot of people do this in a relationship, its nothing suspicious or wrong or weird. nothing to worry about.

    • Lol, I was totally not worried about it, I was actually excited! But for sure helps me know its not bad or anything at all.

    • thanks for the MHO :)

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  • it's thoughtful and convenient.

    maybe he was trying to pass a hint? but I would just assume the former.


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