He cheated after two years !!! But look how he did it ! Betrayed me and his best friend?

Guys he didn't have sex but it would have felt the same. He was flirting with numorus women on fb messenger and one of the females is HIS BESTFRIENDS BABYS MOTHER the friend and her r no longer together. But my mans best friend has no idea they been talking n exchanging nude photos.
I had no clue my boyfriend was like this or that he was even doing this to me !!!
Sending nude photos of his dick to girls on his fb being he has tons of photos up of us. I couldn't believe it.
It sucks to think two year of my life has been wasted. I honestly don't want to leave him but what he did was so fuckt up. Should I tell his best friend that he was sending his child's mother nudes?
What do u guys think &whT would u guys do if we're in the same situation?


What Guys Said 1

  • If u didn't cheat on him and he did this shit,
    Either dump his ass or have an open relationship with this douchebag
    U will just be wasting your time with this idiot


What Girls Said 2

  • I would just leave him.. why don't you want to? You can't really claim he's the greatest and sweetest guy if he does these things.. you did waste your time, and if you stay with him you'll just be wasting more of it.

    However, the nudes to his friends baby's mom is really none of your business if the friend is no longer with her.

  • What he did to you was terrible. Noone deserves to be in this situation. Hugs. If i were you, i'd tell his bff. I feel sorry for his bff, he obviously will be upset (or at least annoyed) but I think he deserves to know what an asshole this guy really is. I know it's hard but please try stay away from him. Be positive! You deserve so much better than this.