Should the guy keep his traditional role and ask the girl out or should the girl take the initiative?

I am almost 18 (yay!) and the guy I like is 23. In our conversations he has indicated that he's sweet on me and I think I've made it pretty clear my feelings for him. But he's taking his own sweet time in telling me so and asking me out on an actual date. I'm wondering if I should take things into my own hands and ask him out myself. Bit unsure though, because maybe he feels he needs to take things real slow due to the age difference and me not being 18 yet, it might make him feel awkward. So I'm curious, not just in relation to my position, whether guys should ask their ladylove out as they traditionally did/do or whether it's just as fine for the girl to ask her man out?


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  • You can vote.

    You can work.

    You can ask a man out.

    Just be prepared to pick up the tab or at least offer.

    With power, comes great responsibility called "etiquette". It sucks.

    The one who asks the person out is the one who pays (or at least offers, insists, insists again, then drops it if he still wants to pay).

    Also, turn 18 first. Even if you want to be involved with him, it's statutory rape if he touches you. No one wants those restrictions.

    I think its silly for an 18 year old to date a 23 year old. But that's my personal opinion.

    • Lol. Yes, I know about the statutory rape part, so I was thinking about waiting till I'm 18 anyway. Thank you for your opinion though!

    • Yeah, I pretty much agree, but I don't think girls should have to pay for guys' checks unless they do it for fun! (I believe in each person paying their own or guys paying for the girls, but I'm a bit old-fashioned in that way!)

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  • I think the guy should take the traditional role. If he really likes you, he'll ask you out eventually anyway. I mean, I don't think it's bad if the girl does it, but I think it's better if the guy does.