How do I introduce myself to my crush during passing period?

I dont have my crush in any classes but i always walk by her during passing period. Should i poke her shoulder and start to introduce myself? Also do i say her name since i know it when i walk up to her?


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  • Definitely don't say her name, did that once, the guy thought I was stalker and never spoke to me again.
    - "bump" into her,
    -say something like "hi, (insert a name that is not hers), oh wait, I thought you were someone else, never mind *laugh*" and carry conversation from there.
    -drop something on the floor before she passes by, when she walks by you, you pick the thing off the floor, tap her shoulder say "Is this yours?" she'll say no, and you'll say "Btw, I'm ___" *carry on convo from here*
    -Or just be straight forward "Hi, I'm _____, I've seen you around and I thought you were cute, do you wanna hang out sometime?" that could work, but all depends on what kind of person she is. TIP: don't act too cocky and all.


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  • if I wouldn't know someone and they come to me like

    "hey, I'm Tim"

    I would be like "hey Tim, do I look like I give a fuck about who you are?"

    try with something else, give her compliments about her clothes or whatever, and then she would be interested about who you are


What Guys Said 1

  • No. What? No, dont do that, man.