Give up on finding the one?

Im truly starting to think there is something wrong with me. Guys just seem to lose interest or the other option seems better.
Im always being told im beautiful, easy to talk to, fun blabla but nothing seems to come from it
Wish i knew why


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  • I have no answers for you - totally the same problem. Wish I knew why, too. I've pretty much given up at that point, maybe it is just not meant to be.

    Out of curiosity - do you consider yourself typically feminine (behaviour more than looks)? Are you a girly girl?

    • Im a normal independent girl. Don't get my hair nails make up done and all that. I take pride in myself though.
      I enjoy diy and that coz my ex couldn't do it.
      I do find it hard to let a guy take control like be a man and im working on that but i do let them know im independent before hand.

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    • Yep, it's hard alright... well, you never know, maybe unicorns (and progressive men) really do exist somewhere out there! Let me know if you find one :D

    • Haha i will do. Good luck with it to x

  • I say give up! And enjoy yourself. Not everyone meant to be with someone!

    • That's true, im happy alone just knocks my confidence when they say all nice things then go strange

    • haha I know what you mean. Thats why I have no heart lol!

    • Lol wish i never